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Azad Dincer Architecture

AD Architectural Design and Application was established by Architect Azad DİNÇER. Design power is high practical In addition, dynamic team and architecture, design, projecting, planning, application controller and da- He conducts consultancy services successfully in local and international projects. AD Architectural Design and Application; Requests defined at every stage of project, design, planning and implementation studies can be solved in a short time- It is an office that serves an institutional table. For a good job delivery, accurate scheduling, budgeting, timely and accurate work schedule, It is an essential element for a project. Design, implementation projects, quality control phase started project- The process from input to the end is in a finished work order structure. AD Architectural Design and Application Areas of study; Commercial buildings, educational and cultural buildings, public institutions, residence-housing projects, sports There are buildings, hospitals, hotel buildings, offices and transportation projects. Design; Thinking and working as a mature, continuous process with the truth that the process is a personal And with temporary fighters, easy solutions, timeless, timeless architectural architecture Accessibility is our primary goal.